VETASAN Product Line Expanded

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Kinetic Vet-branded products by Kinetic Technologies recently released two new topical solutions to the Vetasan skin care product line. Vetasan Shampoo features 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate and is a full-strength antiseptic shampoo with surface-active penetrating agents and skin conditioning emollients for therapeutic effectiveness on dermatological conditions.

The second topical product is the Vetasan HC Shampoo, which contains the same 4% Chlorhexidine Gluconate but with added 1% Hydrocortisone to create a full strength anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and deep-cleansing shampoo. This formulation will treat topical dermatological conditions that benefit from the shampoo’s anti-inflammatory properties. Both Vetasan Shampoo and Vetasan HC Shampoo are safe for use on horses, dogs and cats.