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West Nile Virus in Two Iowa Horses

Davis and Union Counties in Iowa have reported cases of equine West Nile virus.
Iowa Union and Davis Counties map

Two horses are recovering from West Nile virus in Iowa. They were located in Davis and Union Counties.

The Iowa State Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship reported that one horse in Davis County and one horse in Union County were confirmed positive for West Nile virus (WNV).

The horse in Davis County was a 15-year-old Thoroughbred mare that had onset of clinical signs on June 24. Those signs included hind limb ataxia and muscle fasciculations. The mare was confirmed positive for West Nile virus on June 28. She is recovering and was reported to be under-vaccinated.

The horse in Union County was a 2-year-old Quarter Horse gelding that was confirmed with West Nile virus on June 19. He is recovering. The horse had mild clinical signs and no history of vaccination against West Nile virus.

Information for this report was provided by the Equine Disease Communication Center.



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