Zinpro Corporation Surpasses Significant Research Milestone

Zinpro Corporation announces a major research milestone in the company’s history: its 200th peer-reviewed research publication across multiple species. The 200th publication was released in the Journal of Animal Science. In this study, researchers investigated beef-cow supplementation with a combination of trace minerals (zinc, manganese, copper and cobalt) during the third trimester of gestation and how feeding different forms of those trace minerals impacted offspring development, immunity and subsequent performance. The study results affirm a concept that offspring can benefit greatly from maternal trace mineral nutrition long after birth. Referred to as Generational Nutrition, this concept has applications across multiple species, ranging from beef and dairy to poultry, swine and equine.

Reaching this milestone highlights the significant investment in research that has been a cornerstone of Zinpro Corporation since Dean Anderson founded the company 45 years ago. “The 200th publication demonstrates not only the depth of science but also the quality of research that Zinpro is supporting, and has supported over the years,” says Terry Ward, Ph.D., global director of Research and Nutritional Services (RNS), Zinpro Corporation. “This milestone represents a tremendous body of research that covers more than 10 animal species.”

Peer-reviewed research indicates that the science is sound and the study is designed rigorously enough that it passes a review of peer scientists in the field. “It means that the research has been submitted to a scientific journal and subsequently published by the journal,” Dr. Ward explains. “During this process, multiple third-party scientists in the field of interest review and critique the data and the methods by which the data was obtained. They must concur that the experimental methods used to collect and analyze the data are scientifically sound before the data is published.”

This is the first time any trace mineral company in the animal feed industry has achieved this landmark. “We do more animal performance mineral research than all other trace mineral companes combined,” says Joe Carrica, executive vice president, global sales and marketing, Zinpro Corporation. “Zinpro is synonymous with sound research. We have a commitment to our customers to provide relevant, current research to show our products are efficacious and provide benefits to them on a daily basis.”

For more information on Zinpro’s equine products visit their website.

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