Daily Vet Life: Get a Plan and Stick With It

When we asked Dr. Mike Pownall what he has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic he would like to share with his colleagues, he listed seven things.

Stick with your plan, because while things seem to change quickly, the fundamentals stay the same. Thinkstock

In Episode 37 of the Daily Vet Life podcast we talk to Mike Pownall, DVM, MBA, a Canadian-based veterinarian and a partner in Oculus Insights, about what he has learned during the COVID-19 pandemic that he would like to share with his veterinary colleagues. The title of his podcast is Get a Plan and Stick With It.

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In this week’s podcast episodes, we are touching base with veterinarians we previously chatted with to see what they have learned during this COVID-19 pandemic that they would like to share with their colleagues.

  • Episode 36 Work-Life Balance Dr. Colleen Best talks about hoping we have put to rest the notion that we work like we have no family and we parent like we don’t work.
  • Episode 37 Get a Plan and Stick With It Dr. Mike Pownall shares the seven things he learned during his “down” time caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Episode 38 Communication is Key Dr. Chad Davis talked about how communication is an essential tool in how we practice veterinary medicine at this time.
  • Episode 39 Vets Are More Important Than Ever Dr. Amy Grice helps colleagues understand that changes that were forced upon us during the pandemic might cause life-altering decisions.
  • Episode 40 Pandemic Ponderings Dr. Margo Macpherson reflects on how changes brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has affected students and veterinarians.

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