Daily Vet Life Podcast: Generational Differences
This Daily Vet Life podcast on Generational Differences had its foundations from a talk by Jay McChord at the 2021 AAEP Convention.

We know how hard it is to get to all of the presentations and table topics we want to attend at the AAEP Convention each year. So to get you ready for this year’s convention in San Antonio, Texas, Zoetis has partnered with EquiManagement to bring you 12 short podcast synopses of some of the talks from last year’s AAEP Convention. Whether you missed these presentations or would just like a quick refresher of what the presenters discussed, these podcasts will fit perfectly in that 20-minute slot when you are driving to your next farm call, are waiting for test results or maybe even while you are riding your bike or taking a walk.

“Relevant Leadership: Leading & Communicating Effectively in the Multi-Generational Workplace” was the title of Jay McChord’s presentation at the 2021 AAEP Convention. For the past 20 years, McChord has been speaking all over the world about generational issues, and through is Kentucky links, he began focusing on the equine veterinary industry.

McChord reminded the podcast audience that Baby Boomers are retiring. Gen Xers are leading, and Millennials are moving up.

He suggested that everyone needs to understand that “different generations see things differently. Everything you say, write, email or call means different things to different people,” McChord said.

For example, he said to ask different generations to define “simple technology,” “mental health” or “hard work.”

McChord gave examples of issues and offered solutions for each generation to work through those issues. But he reminded everyone that there is a herd of horses out that that requires a number of medical professionals, “and we’re now close to not being able to care for the herd.”

For those of you who would like to connect with McChord, he said you can email him at jaymcchord@gmail.com.

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