The Business of Practice: 2023 in Review and New Host Introduction
The host of The Business of Practice Podcast is transitioning from Kim Brown to veterinary industry consultant Dr. Amy L. Grice.

This podcast covers the transition of host of The Business of Practice Podcast from EquiManagement Publisher Kimberly S. Brown to veterinary industry consultant Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA. We also will highlight some of the 2023 podcasts.

About Dr. Grice

Dr. Amy L. Grice

Grice has been active in many aspects of content for EquiManagement magazine and She wrote the 2023 columns in print and online about the AAEP Commission on Veterinary Sustainability. (Editor’s note: The Comission column will be sponsored by Merck Animal Health in 2024.)

She writes the Business Briefs column for print and online. This covers many aspects of business, from veterinary inventory to veterinarian wellness to telemedicine practices.

Grice also has written the Business coverage from the annual AAEP Convention for several years.

She also served as the AAEP Treasurer for several years and was presented the 2021 AAEP President’s Award.

Grice is a veterinary business consultant in Virginia City, Montana. She has been recognized for her development of the Decade One program that has been described as a “paradigm shift” and “game changer” by international industry professionals.

Grice received her veterinary degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990. She resigned in 2015 as managing partner of Rhinebeck Equine in Rhinebeck, New York, to establish Amy Grice VMD, MBA, LLC. Her company helps veterinarians navigate challenging practice environments to lead more successful and satisfying lives. Grice also has served on the AAEP Foundation Advisory Council as well as the organization’s Educational Programs, Leadership Development, Nominating, Owner Education and Wellness Committees.

2023 Podcasts

Grice has been a part of many of these podcasts since The Business of Practice began, so the transition to Grice as host is a natural one.

If you missed some of 2023 The Business of Practice podcasts (or even earlier podcasts), you can find them here or on your favorite podcast network.


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