The Business of Practice: Equine Rehabilitation Veterinary Practices  

In this episode, Dr. Marianne Marshall-Gibson joined us to discuss her specialized rehabilitation and integrative modalities equine practice.   
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Dr. Marshall-Gibson’s practice focuses entirely on equine rehabilitation services and integrative modalities, and she is also certified in animal chiropractic. | Getty Images

In this episode of The Business of Practice podcast, Marianne Marshall-Gibson, DVM, MS, cVMA, CAC, CERPM, joined us to discuss her specialized rehabilitation and integrative modalities equine practice.   

Marshall-Gibson has a unique educational background that includes a degree in material science and engineering biomaterials as well as a master’s in cancer biology, which allowed her to learn the intricacies of cell signaling. Inspired by her equine background and interest in problem-solving for equine athletes, Marshall-Gibson then earned her veterinary degree, became certified in animal chiropractic, and completed a nontraditional residency track in sports medicine and rehabilitation.  

After experiencing burnout during her early years as an associate in clinical practice, Marshall-Gibson considered leaving equine practice. She said she hadn’t found a practice that meshed with her vision, mission, and values where she could feel happy professionally and financially secure. Her father asked her, “What makes you happy as a veterinarian?” She responded that she loves being in the barn, figuring out what’s wrong with a horse, and then getting the horse back to doing what the owner wants to do. Her father then said, “Why can’t you do that? Is there a need for it?” Marshall-Gibson then moved forward by writing a business plan and opening her practice. She said she recommends every young veterinarian understand their personal mission, vision, and values and use them to choose the best practice that aligns with those goals. 

“There is business out there for everyone. Don’t be scared!” Marshell-Gibson said about starting a veterinary practice. “You will find your niche. You don’t have to feel threatened by the other vets out there. They’re your friends. They’re your colleagues.” By writing out her expectations for her new practice, her clients, and her operations, Marshall-Gibson was able to stick to her boundaries.   

Marshall-Gibson also shared details about her nontraditional residency track, which had all the same requirements of a traditional residency but allowed her to fulfill them over six years instead of three. The requirements included six weeks with a board-certified internist, six weeks with a board-certified surgeon, six weeks with a board-certified radiologist, and 36 weeks with a board-certified sports medicine and rehabilitation specialist. It was intensive, she said, but the weeks did not have to be consecutive.   

In closing, Marshall-Gibson encouraged equine practitioners to be vulnerable and to communicate their needs. She encouraged practitioners to consider what they need to be happy in this profession, “because we need you to stay!” she said.  

If you have questions about integrative and rehab practice, you can contact Marshall-Gibson at

About Dr. Marianne Marshall-Gibson

Marianne Marshall-Gibson, DVM, MS, cVMA, CAC, CERPM, grew up at her parent’s 54-stall hunter/jumper and dressage facility in the Chicago suburbs. She began riding at age 6 and later competed in hunters and equitation. She earned her B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering Biomaterials at the University of Illinois. She then pursued her M.S. in Cancer Biology at the University of Colorado, where she also conducted human cancer research.  

While earning her DVM at Colorado State University, Marshall-Gibson became certified in Veterinary Medical Acupuncture. Upon graduating in 2014, she completed an internship at Steinbeck Country Equine Clinic in California, after which she did a sports medicine and diagnostic imaging fellowship at Northwest Equine Performance in Oregon. During her internship and fellowship, Marshall-Gibson completed training and became certified in animal chiropractic at the Animal Chiropractic Education Source (ACES) in Texas.   

Because of her interest in rehabilitation and performance medicine, Marshall-Gibson attended the Integrative Veterinary Medical Institute at the University of Florida and completed her certification in equine rehabilitation and performance medicine. She recently completed an alternative track residency to obtain her board certification by the American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation-Equine.  

Marshall-Gibson owns Front Range Equine Performance, serving Northern Colorado’s Front Range, Steamboat Springs, and Laramie, Wyoming. The practice provides diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, acupuncture, and chiropractic care to identify and treat equine performance problems. 

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