The Business of Practice: Parenting Tips for Equine Veterinarians

Dr. Barb Crabbe talks about the stresses and successes of being a full-time veterinarian while raising two daughters.
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Many female veterinarians are struggling with how to raise a family while practicing veterinary medicine.

We know that years ago, women were discouraged from going to veterinary school, especially if they had an interest in mixed animal or equine practice. Today, the majority of veterinary students are women, and many of those women want to practice great medicine while also having a family life. The same is true for many of the men who today are graduating from vet school.

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In Episode 5 of The Business of Practice, we talk with Barb Crabbe, DVM, owner of Pacific Crest Sporthorse in Oregon. She lives on the Pacific Crest Sporthorse farm property with her husband, Bob, a board-certified veterinary internist, and two daughters—Katie and Jamie.

The Business of Practice podcast is brought to you by Dechra Veterinary Products.

Episode topics include:

  • How has the role of women in vet practice changed over the years?
  • UC Davis graduate and starting practice
  • Baby in the truck
  • How has that changed today?
  • Regrets
  • Problems you faced?
  • Solutions?
  • Advice for women or men entering veterinary practice who want a balance of career and family


The Business of Practice podcast is brought to you by Dechra Veterinary Products.

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