Research: Proximal Suspensory Ligament Ultrasound Technique

A new article has been posed in the online library from Equine Veterinary Education. The article from Jean-Marie Denoix and L. Bertoni is titled “The angle contrast ultrasound technique in the flexed limb improves assessment of proximal suspensory ligament injuries in the equine pelvic limb.”


“Diagnosis of proximal suspensory ligament (PSL, third interosseous muscle) injuries in equine hindlimbs can be challenging because of the complex anatomy of the proximal metatarsal region. Ultrasonographic examination of the PSL using the angle contrast ultrasound technique in the flexed limb facilitates assessment of PSL desmopathies and enthesopathies, with subjectively improved sensitivity compared with the standard approach. The main limitation of ultrasonography is identification of deep osseous injuries, but combined with other imaging procedures, ultrasonography provides valuable diagnostic information of the injured structures. Ultrasonography also helps to specify the stage of a lesion. The repair process can be monitored, helping the clinician to adapt the rehabilitation programme and establish a prognosis for the horse to return to its previous level.”


Jean-Marie Denoix, CIRALE-Hippolia, Goustranville, France; L. Bertoni, INRA, USC BPLC 957, Université Paris-Est, École Nationale Vétérinaire d’Alfort, France.


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