EquiManagement Business Special Issue 2022

Read or download the full EquiManagement 2022 Business Special issue magazine brought to you by CareCredit.
EquiManagement 2022 Business Special Issue with CareCredit
Read or download the EquiManagement Business Special issue magazine brought to you by CareCredit. Click on the photo to read online or download.

Thanks to partner CareCredit, EquiManagement is able to bring you this Business Special Issue of the magazine. No matter your age or stage in veterinary practice, you will find tips and advice from peers and experts that can help you not only better manage your practice, but better care for yourself!

We also included tips on how to better communicate with your clients on these important issues.


In This EquiManagement Business Special Issue

3 Publisher’s Points: You Love Equine Practice, You Need Business Skills By Kimberly S. Brown

4 Balance of Practice and Passion By Kimberly S. Brown
Your peers and colleagues offer insights on vet industry issues and solutions.

17 Alternative Work Schedules for Equine Veterinarians By Kimberly S. Brown
“Don’t rule out any possibilities,” suggested Dr. Kelly Zeytoonian on finding the right work schedule.

20 State of Equine Veterinary Practice 2021 Survey By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
More than 300 equine veterinarians responded to a late 2021 survey about ongoing challenges in the industry.

27 Practice Performance and Veterinarian Wellness By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
A survey of equine vets helps us understand practice performance and vet wellness issues in our industry.

31 Solo Practice Tips By Kimberly S. Brown
Dr. Caitlin Daly offers tips for equine solo practitioners.

32 Helping Veterinarians Establish Boundaries By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Here are tips on setting your boundaries and dealing with people and situations that cross those boundaries.

35 Leveraging Your Veterinary Practice Team By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Build systems to guide all team members to independent, effcient performances in order to help the practice reach its highest potential.

39 Benefit Packages that Equine Veterinary Associates Value By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Create a benefit package that might help you hire an associate.

40 Effectively Marketing New Veterinary Services By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
How to best tell clients that you have new services to help their horses

44 Business Keys from the 2021 AAEP Convention By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
This article discusses issues and solutions to help the industry thrive.

51 The Perils of Discounting By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Discounting for veterinary clients is generally a bad idea for the health of your practice.

52 When Equine Veterinarians Should Refer a Client to a Specialist By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Offer the possibility of a specialist referral early in the course of a potentially serious condition.

53 Why Veterinary Practice Ownership Matters By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Pursuing vet practice ownership should be considered by all practitioners who desire to increase their net worth.

54 Compensating Associates for Emergency Work By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
There are ways to better compensate associate veterinarians for emergency work that would make emergency work less stressful.

55 Personal Finance for Vet Students and Recent (or Not-So-Recent) Grads By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
In this AAEP Convention presentation, Dr. Mindy Smith outlined steps for creating an investment strategy.

56 Understanding Corporate Acquisition of Equine Practices By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Thinking about selling your practice to a corporate veterinary investor? Make sure you know how valuations work and other options you might have.

60 Essentials for Equine Veterinary Telemedicine By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Many veterinarians expanded their telemedicine offerings during the pandemic; here are tips to do it better.

61 Imposter Syndrome By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Imposter Syndrome is common in medical fields and can adversely affect career success and satisfaction.

Special Advertising Sections

18 Take Care of Business
CareCredit’s all-digital financing experience helps your clients say ‘yes’ to equine care while helping to boost your efficiency and improving cash fkow.

36 Hate Talking aBout Money? You Are Not Alone!
Insights from a CareCredit survey on veterinary client payment can help veterinarians get paid on time and in full.


Disclaimer: This content is subject to change without notice and offered for informational use only. You are urged to consult with your individual business, financial, legal, tax and/or other medical providers with respect to any information presented. Synchrony and any of its affiliates, including CareCredit, (collectively, “Synchrony”) makes no representations or warranties regarding this content and accept no liability for any loss or harm arising from the use of the information provided. All statements and opinions in the article are the sole opinions of the author. Your receipt of this material constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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