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The summer EquiManagement magazine can help you whether you are a solo practitioner, part of a large practice or hold other jobs in the equine veterinary industry.

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In This Issue

Below you can find a list of articles with page numbers, author and a brief description of what the article is about.

4 Publisher’s Points: Survival by Kimberly S. Brown
 “Survival” is a very emotional word. It brings to mind the struggle to simply exist in the face of overwhelming difficulties such as war, being lost in the wilderness or being faced with unexpected emotional or physical trauma. And in that word’s simplest meaning, the equine veterinary industry is struggling for survival.6 Keeping Up:

6 Keeping Up by Nancy S. Loving, DVM

  • Biofilm in Wounds
  • Ophthalmic Topical Corticosteroidal Treatment
  • ACTH as a Biomarker for PPID
  • Thryotropin-Releasing Hormone (TRH) Stimulation Test Repeatability
  • FEI Regulation Changes

18 Business Briefs: Effective Emergency Communication By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Here are tips on breaking through the emotional clutter in an emergency situation to communicate effectively. Brought to you by CareCredit

22 When You Can’t Find an Associate: Surviving by Yourself By Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA
Equine practice can be whatever you create; you can choose how to work in the equine veterinary industry.

36 Equine Herpesvirus Update By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
There is still much to be learned about equine herpesvirus, especially the need for developing risk assessments.

46 Attracting the ‘Right’ Clients to Your Practice By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
Who you are as a veterinarian and a practice is the basis for finding and keeping the ‘right’ clients for you.

50 Are You Using the Right Meds for Managing Chronic Pain? By Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc
Veterinarians must get out of their comfort zones to get horses into theirs.

56 Rudeness in the Workplace By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
The AVMA’s webinar about rudeness and discomfort in the workplace can offer youy ways to de-escalate tense situations.

59 How To Stay True to Yourself in Practice By Colleen Best, DVM, PhD
Regardless of where you are in your career or life, it’s worth pausing to evaluate whether you are living the life you want.

62 Ultrasound Exams in Horses: Using the Basics To Go Beyond the Basics By Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc
This Q&A with Dr. Tracy Norman can help you get more out of your ultrasound machine and exams.

 68 Equine Rehabilitation Basics By Nancy S. Loving, DVM
There have been great advances in equine rehabilitation over the past decade, but not all modalities have been scientifically proven.


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