EquiManagement Magazine Winter 2019
Here is the 2019 AAEP Preview Issue of EquiManagement magazine.


Our cover story for the 2019 winter issue of EquiManagement magazine is Leaving Equine Practice, by Amy Grice, VMD, MBA. Research has shown that equine veterinarians are leaving practice, especially those who are more recent graduates. Read more about the research and the reasons why this his happening on page 14.


On page 24, we bring you a wrap-up of the AAEP Summer Focus Sports Medicine meeting that was held at Colorado State University. Advances in diagnostics and therapeutics were front and center at this conference. Coverage is brought to you by Soft-Ride.

Should I Buy That New Piece of Equipment? is a question that many practitioners face when planning to attend the trade show at the annual AAEP Convention. Starting on page 33 are some tips to help you logically look at the purchase from a financially sound standpoint.

An equine clinic is expensive to build because of the size and nature of your patients, but there are ways to be more economical in your construction. Read these tips from Animal Arts in Clinic Construction materials from Floor to Ceiling on page 38.

Leaky Gut Syndrome is caused by anything that disrupts the intestinal lining and leads to passage of substances and microorganisms across the intestinal barrier. Read more about this on page 44.

On page 51 in Tidbits from AAEP Focus, you will fine take-home messages from many of the sport medicine presentations at the AAEP Summer Focus meeting, brought to you by Soft-Ride. Tidbits from AAEP Focus

The AAEP Resources section on page 54 has a listing of specific exhibitors at the AAEP Convention trade show who invite you to visit them and learn more about their products and companies.

Make sure to check out the Keeping Up department in the magazine on page 6. Dr. Nancy Loving covers research on

  • Standing Surgery for Fibrotic Myopathy
  • Internal Parasite Control Using Fungal Cultures
  • Effects of Prebiotics on Equine Gastric Health
  • Acetaminophen Dosing

Special Advertising Section page 30

Keeping Your Practice Legacy Alive: If you are looking into options for your practice’s future, read about Tryon Equine’s reasons for selecting Avanti Equine Veterinary Partners.

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