EquiManagement Magazine May-June 2018

This issue of EquiManagement magazine features the results of a unique survey on equine veterinarians and injuries on the job.


In this issue our cover story highlights the results of a unique survey of equine veterinarians and injury in an article titled Getting Hurt on the Job on page 22. Even though equine veterinary practice is fraught with danger, you can minimize the risk of injury. Learn more from our survey results.


In small animal practice, the “fear-free” movement is gaining ground. In the article Fear-Free Design for Equine Veterinary Practices on page 32, you can read about design and management tips to help your facility become less traumatic for your equine patients. 

On page 36 you can learn about the countless ways to put ultrasound equipment to use in your practice in the article Using Ultrasound on the Whole Horse.

According to industry surveys, many people have older horses in their care today. On page 40 you can read about why the specialized knowledge necessary for keeping aging horses robust and healthy has a definite value in Aging Horses as a Profit Center.  

Careful attention to compliance with regulations concerning controlled substances is not only the law, but also an obligation to protect the public. Read more on page 46 in Controlled Drugs and Compliance.

Our partners Merck Animal Health have helped us bring you a series on Health & Wellness. This issue’s installment on page 6 is Road Warrior Wellness, with tips on living healthier if you’re an ambulatory veterinarian.

KindredBio has teamed up with EquiManagement to bring you coverage of veterinary and health topics associated with the FEI WEG Tryon 2018. On page 8 you will find the article FEI, WEG and New Rules That Affect Veterinarians. Stay tuned in the magazine and on EquiManagement.com for special coverage, videos, interviews and news leading up to and during the event in North Carolina in September.

Keeping Up on page 12 has summaries from several research papers of interest:

  • Predictors of Survival for Equine Colitis
  • Treatment of EHM with Valacyclovir
  • Acyclovir for Equine Sarcoids?
  • The Effect of Moxidectin on the Equine Gut Microbiota
  • Identification of Strangulating Small Intestinal Lesions

In this issue’s Business Briefs column on page 18, Dr. Amy Grice covers the topic: Do I Need An Attorney?

In Dr. Zach Loppnow’s New Vet Column on page 20, he discusses Professionalism.


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