EquiManagement Magazine September-October 2018

This issue of EquiManagement magazine is a special issue focused on Wellness and Life Balance for equine veterinarians.


In the September-October 2018 issue of EquiMangement magazine, the cover story is Life Balance Expectations for Veterinarians, which you can find on page 20. This article, written by Amy L. Grice, VMD, MBA, helps you take time to determine what is important to you, then make changes to align your actions to match your values.


In the article Ten-Plus Ways to Support Mental Health, Grice gives you ways to help you realize that wellness for your mind is as important as wellness for your body. You can find that article on page 6.

In our New Vet Column on page 8, Zach Loppnow, DVM, talks about The Art of Practice. He discusses the meshing of art and science in the practice of veterinary medicine.

Our Business Briefs column on page 10 looks at Financing Equipment, and offers tips on buying equipment for your practice.

Boehringer Ingelheim sponsored coverage of the AAEP summer meeting. On page 12 you will find the article Field Skills for Road Warriors, by Kimberly S. Brown, that features information on practitioner resilience, laceration repair and acute wound management, field endoscopy, and lameness exams in ambulatory practice.

In Achieving Financial Wellness, Grice focuses on the financial pressures of equine practice. This article in page 26 looks at practice ownership, managing a profitable practice, nearing retirement, and financial health.

In the article Behavioral Update, Nancy S. Loving, DVM, shares with you horse behavior research that can help you better manage horses and modify owner behavior. You can read more on page 32.

Six Nutrition Tips for Busy Veterinarians on page 36 will not only make you hungry as you view the opening image, but will give you great tips on how to eat healthy with the busy lifestyle of an equine veterinarian. We bring you tips from a registered dietition and sports nutritionist in six “easy to digest” segments.

Clients and veterinarians can be happy with creative solutions to 24/7 equine care. Learn more in Options for Creative Work Schedules on page 40.

In our Keeping Up column on page 46, you can read synopses on the following research:

  • The Effect of Mare Obesity on Offspring
  • Minimizing Post-Castration Swelling

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