Reshaping Your Practice

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Credit: Be prepared to handle conflict in the office that might arise from change, and try to be a good change leader in your practice to avoid as much of the conflict as possible. undefined

How often have you wanted to change how your practice handles a specific task, problem or opportunity? The answer is probably “Every day”!

Kirk Eddleman, MS, MHA, is the managing partner and CEO of Equine Practice Management Group. He also has been CEO for Equine Sports Medicine and Surgery in Wetherford, Texas, since 2005, and was the former hospital administrator at Texas A&M University veterinary medical teaching hospital for 11 years. He has a Masters in Healthcare Administration, and said he was “raised in small business.” During the 2013 AAEP Business meeting he discussed how to “reshape” your practice to be more open to positive change.

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Reshaping Your Practice

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