AniCell Biotech Launches the EquusCell Line of Regenerative Therapies for Horses

AniCell Biotech launched the EquusCell Brand of regenerative products used for treating tendon and ligament damage as well as treating hard-to-heal superficial and ocular wounds. This product line does not require invasive harvesting or culturing of bone marrow or adipose tissue stem cells to treat injuries in horses. It uses mesenchymal stem cell components from amniotic material collected non-invasively during the parturition of healthy foals to produce these all-natural, minimally manipulated regenerative products.

Lauren Schnabel, DACVS, PhD, DACVSMR, veterinary surgeon and internationally recognized research scientist of stem cell therapies in horses at North Carolina State University, said, “I have been extremely impressed with the StemWrap and AlloMatrix products for the treatment of complicated wounds, including those over joints. These products accelerate healing and promote the formation of healthy granulation tissue. They are also well packaged and easy to use.”

“This was my first time using this product, and I was very impressed with the results. The EquusCell products were used to treat a severe, potentially career-ending hock laceration on a yearling filly, and she is healing remarkably well,” claimed Dr. Vanessa Brady of The Equine Center in San Luis Obispo.

Mike Cissell, DACVS-LA, an equine surgeon at Prescott Animal Hospital & Equine Center, said after treating a chronic superficial digital flexor tendon lesion that had been hard to heal, “I am surprised by the mobility of the gelding in such a short time. He has had a chronic, consistent lameness for the last 4-5 years, and the rapid improvement in the quality of healing noted in the ultrasound has been very impressive on an old wound. We started to see improvements in tendon healing within just a couple of weeks of injection with the AlloMotion. I couldn’t be more pleased with the progress in this gelding.”

AniCell’s bioprocess engineer and research veterinarian, Moises Barcelo, DVM, PhD, has been very happy with the results being reported from his peers in the field regarding these treatments. “Veterinarians are treating superficial lacerations, suspensory lesions, tendon injuries, and ocular ulcers with our products and the reports and pictures are performing above our initial expectations.”

“We are simply recycling miracles by collecting nature’s blessings that would normally end up on the ground,” said Brandon Ames, president and CEO. “At the end of the day, these ‘human tested, animal approved’ treatments are making a difference in our veterinarians’ patients, helping to grow their practices and preserving the ACTIVE life of animals.”

EquusCell Product Line About AniCell Biotech LLC AniCell is a biotech company that extends the active life of animals through the development of quality biologic treatments that accelerate healing by recycling nature’s blessings to create miracles. Its initial product focuses on the use of amnion derived cellular components and growth factors (MSC) for use in horses and dogs. This revolutionary treatment heals most debilitating injuries through accelerated and robust regeneration of tissue and bone. Founded in Chandler Arizona, AniCell’s product brands focus on developing solutions for wound healing in “conformation-ally challenged” areas of animal’s bodies where injuries are prolific due to sports or other injuries. Coming soon: CanisCell Brand. For more information contact AniCell Biotech, LLC 145 S. 79th St., Chandler, AZ 85226; 888-918-2637.

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