Butterfly Network Releases iQ+ Vet Ultrasound
The second-generation device brings sharper imaging, a new procedural guidance tool, and hardware improvements that make the solution more powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use.

The release of Butterfly’s innovative second-generation veterinary ultrasound device is coupled with the launch of 19 international markets as well as comprehensive new clinical partnerships. undefined

Butterfly Network, Inc. (NYSE: BFLY) (“Butterfly”), an innovative digital health company that is working to democratize medical imaging and improve global health equity, is ushering in the next big shift in veterinary medicine with the launch of the new Butterfly iQ+ Vet. The second-generation device brings sharper imaging, a new procedural guidance tool, and hardware improvements that make the solution more powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use.

“Veterinarians provide incredible care and face the unique challenge of serving patients that cannot speak,” said Todd Fruchterman, MD, PhD, Butterfly’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “They need clinical information at their fingertips to help them make more informed decisions and efficiently deliver positive patient outcomes. This is where Butterfly iQ+ Vet comes in—we’re creating a new shift in care centered around acquiring crucial information from inside the body that our system allows to be utilized in real-time.”

iQ+ Vet has been thoughtfully designed to powerfully serve veterinarians in a variety of care settings.

Sharp Imaging, Fast Answers

Over 800 hours of engineering work dedicated to optimizing veterinary-specific clinical presets have resulted in vastly improved imaging across applications. iQ+ Vet comes equipped with a suite of powerful new capabilities like color-doppler sensitivity and increased max depth, helping veterinarians collect the image they need to provide more informed care.

Procedural Guidance

The innovative Needle Viz™ tool is now available to veterinarians within five clinical presets (Bladder, MSK, MSK Equine, Small Organ, and Vascular). The ability to visualize needles in-plane will help veterinarians perform more confident fine needle aspirates, and quickly place lines and injections with greater certainty in emergency care situations.

Ease of Use

Improvements throughout hardware and software now make it easier for veterinarians to take full advantage of iQ+ Vet’s diagnostic power. A 15% smaller probe face and 10% shorter probe allows easier maneuvering during a wide variety of scans. Up to 20% increase in battery life and improved continuous run time before thermal shut-off ensures that iQ+ Vet functions even longer in the clinic or in the field. Butterfly’s veterinary software now includes customizable worksheets, which help users capture the precise information needed for each individual patient.

Compatibility and Pricing Flexibility

Now with Android compatibility, and the option for either a USB-C or Lightning cable, iQ+ Vet introduces an entire new group of veterinarians and practices to the diagnostic power of handheld ultrasound. Additionally, Butterfly has introduced flexible pricing options to meet the needs of veterinary customers across different care settings, including rental and outright purchase options.

Global Expansion and Partnerships

With the new value the device provides, and growing global demand, Butterfly has now made iQ+ Vet available for purchase in 19 new international markets: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The international expansion has enabled exciting new partnerships. Butterfly is expanding its collaboration with MWI Animal Health, a leading distributor of animal health products and services. MWI UK will support the distribution of Butterfly iQ+ Vet to veterinary practices in the United Kingdom. Butterfly is also launching a new partnership in Australia and New Zealand with REM SYSTEMS, part of the Paragon Care Group, an established veterinary distributor. These are important first steps in the growth of Butterfly’s veterinary presence outside of the United States.

Within the United States, Butterfly is growing its impact with the announcement of a large-scale innovation partnership with Rarebreed Veterinary Partners, a strategic partner that grows and supports veterinary clinics across the Eastern US. Rarebreed will deploy iQ+ Vet system-wide across their innovative community of veterinary practices.

“Rarebreed is excited to partner with Butterfly to make ultrasound accessible to more patients,” said Dan Espinal, Rarebreed co-founder and CEO. “Rarebreed exists to enhance the standard of care across the profession and bring innovation to our partner practices. Ultrasound should be an integral part of almost any diagnostic workup.”

“Our partnership with Rarebreed to deploy iQ+ Vet system-wide is a great example of the recognition of iQ+ Vet’s potential and impact for leading veterinary practices to improve the care they deliver,” said Darius Shahida, Butterfly Network’s Chief Strategy & Business Development Officer. “Not only will Rarebreed’s veterinarians incorporate this powerful diagnostic tool across their practices to deliver new and quicker insights, but this deployment will also further strengthen the bond these veterinarians have with their pet-owners who seek the best care for their pets.”

By establishing partnerships like these, and by increasing access to this diagnostic solution, Butterfly has the potential to shift veterinary medicine. The powerful, multi-species, and easy-to-use imaging solution will help veterinarians around the world capitalize on diagnostic opportunities and provide more effective care.

Butterfly will be hosting a virtual launch event on October 5, 2021, at 5 p.m. EDT to share more details. Reserve your seat today on Butterfly’s veterinary website. Butterfly iQ+ Vet will be available for sale online in the geographies where the product is commercially available by the end of the day.

About Butterfly Network

Founded by Dr. Jonathan Rothberg in 2011, Butterfly Network is the creator of the world’s most advanced handheld, single-probe, whole-body veterinary ultrasound system, Butterfly iQ+ Vet. Butterfly’s mission is to enable universal access to superior medical imaging, and part of that mission is to enable the scanning of every animal at each veterinary visit. Through its proprietary Ultrasound-on-ChipTM technology, Butterfly is paving the way for streamlined veterinary care and improved outcomes. The Butterfly iQ+ Vet can be purchased online by veterinary practitioners in approved countries at the store or by contacting sales at vetsupport@butterflynetwork.com.

About Rarebreed

Rarebreed Veterinary Partners is a thriving community of veterinary hospitals that goes the extra mile to create exceptional work experiences, one partnership or team member at a time. We pride ourselves on building trusted, lasting relationships with our partner hospitals, with a goal to provide exceptional patient care, outstanding client service and an amazing work experience. We continue to build a broad network of practices that values healthcare teams by offering them the innovation and tools necessary to grow, improve and reimagine the veterinary experience. For more information, visit www.rarebreedvet.com.

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