Equine Robotic Imaging Comes to Littleton Equine
Littleton Equine Medical Center in Colorado will install a Prisma robotic imaging system for equine patients.

Prisma’s system captures CT and radiographic images of the entire anatomy of a standing, conscious horse. undefined

Prisma has come to mutually agreeable terms with Littleton Equine Medical Center to be a recipient of Prisma’s robotic imaging system. This agreement further validates the equine veterinary community’s demand for Prisma’s novel technology that produces full-body imaging of a conscious and standing horse

“We established relationships with some of the country’s largest and most prestigious practices,” said Michael Silver, Prisma’s founder and CEO. “These practices were an invaluable resource during the early development process that ensured that the system would work well for the equine patient. As we approach commercial readiness, we want to have a few early systems out in the field to ensure they will function perfectly prior to scalable operations. Meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations is of paramount importance.”

Prisma and Dr. Kelly Tisher, DVM, an owner and managing partner of Colorado-based Littleton Equine, initially met in 2018. Since then, there has been an ongoing dialogue to make Littleton Equine one of the early recipients of a Prisma System. “I could not envision a better partner for Prisma to work with and to establish one of our early systems” Silver said.

“We’re excited by the prospect of performing more comprehensive diagnostics and delivering even more exceptional patient care made possible by the technology in Prisma’s system,” Tisher said.

Silver estimates that the system will be ready for installation by late 2021. Prisma is in discussions with several other top veterinary practices as additional potential candidates to receive one of its early systems.

About Little Equine Medical Center

Littleton Equine Medical Center is a full-service primary care, referral and emergency veterinary hospital facility for horses. Littleton Equine provides complete care for the equine athlete or companion in the hospital and in the field. Since 1950, it has been their mission to raise the standard for exceptional equine care through passion, compassion and professionalism.

At Littleton Equine Medical Center, Tisher focuses on sports medicine, lameness and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Learn more about Littleton Equine Medical Center.

About Prisma

Prisma Imaging has successfully developed a new system for equine diagnostic imaging that addresses the shortcomings of current technology. Founded in 2016, Prisma’s system captures CT and radiographic images of the entire anatomy of a standing, conscious horse. The resulting system represents a game-changer for equine diagnostics and horse health care. Commercial installations of the system will begin in late 2021.

Learn more about Prisma.

Contact Prisma Founder and Chief Executive Officer Michael Silver.

Watch the video.

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