New Farnam Horseshoer’s Secret Extra Strength

Athletic talent and pedigree alone won’t carry your horse into the winner’s circle or down the trail. He needs good feet and strong legs under him. That’s why Farnam developed new Horseshoer’s Secret EXTRA STRENGTH Hoof & Connective Tissue Supplement. 

Formulated by an equine PhD nutritionist and endorsed by farriers, Horseshoer’s Secret EXTRA STRENGTH supplement provides extra benefits where your horse needs them most, supporting tendons and ligaments as well as hooves. Horseshoer’s Secret supplement has long been a popular Farnam product, but this new extra-strength formula offers peace of mind because you know that you have done what you can to serve your horse’s unique hoof and connective tissue needs.

Veterinarian-recommended Horseshoer’s Secret EXTRA STRENGTH supplement provides optimum nutrition for strong healthy hooves, tendons and ligaments–including 25 mg of biotin per 2 oz. serving–to keep hooves durable, hydrated and flexible. Plus, the unique extruded nuggets support proper digestion of nutrients.

This addition to the Horseshoer’s Secret product line is ideal for horses that need more support than others, due to genetic predisposition, tough environment or rigorous performance demands.

Easy-to-use extruded nuggets are available in two convenient packaging options: a 7.5 lb. Farnam Fresh Keeper Bucket and a handy 30-day, 3.75 lb. bag that can be used as a refill.Feed Horseshoer’s Secret EXTRA STRENGTH supplement year-round to provide vital nutritional support for your horse’s foundation, no matter what kind of riding you do.

Horseshoer’s Secret EXTRA STRENGTH Hoof & Connective Tissue Supplement is designed to work hand in hand with Horseshoer’s Secret Deep Penetrating Hoof Conditioner and Horseshoer’s Secret Hoof Sealant, topical products that condition and protect.

Over the past 65 years, Farnam Companies, Inc. has grown to become one of the most widely recognized names in the animal health products industry, and is one of the largest marketers of equine products in the country. No one knows horses better than Farnam. That’s why no one offers a more complete selection of horse care products. Farnam Horse Products serves both the pleasure horse and the performance horse markets with products for fly control, deworming, hoof and leg care, grooming, wound treatment and leather care, plus nutritional supplements.

For more information about Horseshoer’s Secret EXTRA STRENGTH Hoof & Connective Tissue Supplementand other helpful Farnam products, visit You can also download your free Hoof Care Guide at to be sure you’re doing everything your horse needs to maintain strong, healthy hooves.


Farnam and Horseshoer’s Secret are registered trademarks of Farnam Companies, Inc.

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