MuckMeister Enterprises, LLC Launches the Bedding Blocker
the bedding blocker in front of a horse's stall

MuckMeister Enterprises, LLC developed a first-of-its-kind product intended to keep animal bedding in stalls and mud out, safely and effectively: the Bedding Blocker. The innovation was designed and developed by MuckMeister Enterprises, LLC’s April Schiel. 

April explained, “The Bedding Blocker was created out of frustration. I was watching my own horses drag bedding out of their stalls, and bring mud in. I felt like I was forever cleaning stalls and adding expensive bedding!  Something had to be made to help solve this problem. I knew I wasn’t the only person having these issues, so I got to work!”

a horse steps over the bedding blocker

The new product solved the dilemma of dangerous threshold barriers, trip hazards, and ineffective methods of preventing bedding loss. The design is low profile, ergonomic, and easy to install.  

As for durability, April states, “With proper installation and care, the Bedding Blocker is designed to have years of life.  When a Bedding Blocker starts to show wear, it can be repurposed as a scratching post or bird deterrent. “

The Bedding Blocker is made for farms and ranches of all sizes. Commonly installed on exterior thresholds, April adds, “Keeping bedding from mixing with the outside environment decreases mud outside of stalls as well. Excessive mud is damaging to animal hooves. This is a versatile, multi-functional product that promises to save the small-town rancher and large show barn alike time and money.” 

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