Pivo Equestrian Review
The Pivo Equestrian records a rider going over a jump.
The Pivo Equestrian utilizes AI and the camera on your smartphone to help riders record themselves in the tack.

The Equine Network was invited to test out the Pivo Equestrian. We take a lot of videos of horses and riders of all disciplines for our educational platforms. 

Pivo Equestrian is an AI device that works with your smartphone to allow you to take videos or serial images so that you or your trainer can review your ride. 

As riders, we often do not have the opportunity to watch ourselves ride. The Pivo was perfect for allowing playback. It works great in a single horse and rider situation to capture footage of a ride. You can use it for self-critique or send recordings to your trainer. And there is a remote control so you can determine when you are recording.

The zoom feature allows you to see where your leg position is and how your horse is responding. 

Remote Coaching Using Pivo Equestrian

One of the coolest features for our team was the fact that the Pivo Equestrian allows for a trainer to watch a lesson live and talk to you! The Pivo Wireless Mic is a multi-functional, ultra-compact, wireless bluetooth microphone with convenient clip-on design. With an ultra-long transmission range of 200 ft/60 m, the Pivo Wireless Mic gives you the freedom to focus on your riding and still be heard loud and clear from a distance.

The Pivo Equestrian follows your movement while the live caller watches you ride. And the coach can talk to you and hear you during the lesson.

That means you can get remote coaching in real time!

The Pivo utilizes the camera on your phone. So, when you’re done recording, you can easily send the files to your trainer, a friend or yourself. 


Pivo Equestrian equipment

The equipment is easy to use and simple to set up. The holder to keep the tripod from tipping over is a huge bonus! 

We highly suggest adding the case. It allows you to easily move and store your equipment safely. We traveled all over with our Pivo Equestrian, and it was in perfect shape each and every time we opened the case.

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