SBIR Grant Helps Push Parasight System App Forward in Veterinary Science


In a release today from MEP Equine Solutions LLC, a Lexington, Kentucky-based company, they announced a $100,000 Small Business Innnovation Research Phase I grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to move forward with development and commercialization of the Parasight System fecal test app for smartphones.

The Parasight System eliminates the need for special equipment and training and reduces test time from 20 minutes to less than 5 minutes. This enables on-site testing and eliminates delay, allowing veterinarians and consumers to effectively treat and manage parasite outbreaks.

MEP Equine Solutions, made up of founding partners Eric Hauck, Paul Slusarewicz, and Martin K. Nielsen, DVM, PhD, DEVPC, DACVM, is an animal health technology company focused on veterinarian- and consumer-based solutions. MEP Equine Solutions leadership and scientific team is recognized worldwide for its innovative problem solving and its ability to deliver technology based solutions for veterinarians and consumers caring for horses, livestock and companion animals.

What is the Parasight System?

The Parasight System offers veterinarians an increased revenue stream, improved case management and data analysis. Veterinarians perform on-site diagnostic testing and sell consumers both the appropriate medication and on-site tools to ensure follow-up and aid in case management. The Parasight System is a complete intestinal parasite management tool that includes:

Parasight Test Kit – accurate, rapid, quantitative parasite diagnostic performed by a veterinarian on-site. The Parasight test analyzes fecal samples and delivers imaged results to both veterinarian and animal owner via the Parasight App in less than 5 minutes.

Eggsight Test Kit – an integrated semiquantitative parasite detection test used as follow-up by consumers to determine treatment efficacy.

Parasight App – a free mobile app to perform tests and manage results. Features push notifications to access current data trends related to outbreaks and anthelmintic resistance.

Parasight Metrics – aggregated anonymous result data to aid in case management and anthelmintic resistance monitoring. Accessible via the Parasight App or website.

The Parasight System tests fecal samples on-siteand delivers imaged results to both veterinarian and animal owner via email or text in less than 5 minutes!

For more information and a video of the app visit

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