Veterinarians Recommend “Put A Sock On It!”

Silver Whinnys formerly known as Summer Whinnys have been providing an effective silver embedded fly protection and bandaging option for horses’ legs since 2008.


How did you find out about us? “This question is asked on our shopping cart purchase form and our customers tell us, often in detail,” said Raymond Petterson, president of Sox For Horses, Inc. “When those statistics are added up, 33% of our customers are referred by their vets. We know that years of research, continued product development, and our attention to function and detail has reached those who mutually depend on and respect good science.”

Silver Whinnys formerly known as Summer Whinnys have been providing an effective silver embedded fly protection and bandaging option for horses’ legs since 2008.

Although introduced in large scale to veterinarians at the 2013 American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Convention, the Sox had earned the respect of Steve Soule, DVM, a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of Equus Magazine and United States Equestrian Federation Veterinarian. In 2012, Soule was told about the Sox by a trainer that he knew. “Leg sores had hit epidemic proportions in areas like southern Florida, where flies never go away,” Soule said. “Nothing was working on them. Veterinarians were being slammed with cases and previous methods of treatment were no longer effective. When I found out about the socks, I promised Sox For Horses, Inc, that if the socks could help vets resolve these issues, I would tell the world about them.”

Subsequently, Soule used them on a horse with a case of non-responding scratches belonging to one of his clients. “The dermatitis resolved, and for years since I’ve continued to use Silver Whinnys with dependably great results.”

Veterinarians treating equine pastern dermatitis are adding these protective pull-on legwear to their treatment plans as needed protection for fragile healing skin. Silver Whinnys are a recognized solution as a bandaging and leg protection method to assist doctors trying to resolve cases of non-responding scratches, mud fever, summer sores, dew poisoning, and UV-driven forms of dermatitis by providing a barrier from bacteria carrying flies, dirt and debris.

The antimicrobial silver in the yarn inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi in the socks, creating a hygienic environment around the skin. The breathable double-layer knit allows air to reach the skin surface while stopping the flies, and the moisture-managing properties of the yarn keep skin surface dry and cool, all of which veterinarians recognize as desirable qualities needed to protect healing and recovering skin.

Your horse, mule or donkey don’t have to suffer from injury, wounds or dermatitis issues to benefit from wearing Silver Whinnys. These unique science-driven sox are a total value added package used as fly protection. The sox offer equine owners a high tech helping hand in keeping legs protected and healthy all summer long.

Veterinarian recommended, owner referred and horse approved, Silver Whinnys are an American-made product utilizing the best of American yarn science and have been helping owners better help their equine since 2008. Veterinarians wishing to order Silver Whinnys always receive a 25% discount. Visit or call (850) 907-5724. 

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