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horse acupuncture back
Disease Du Jour: Thoughts on Equine Acupuncture
While acupuncture might not be the first tool for all equine problems, it is huge for pain relief and chronic conditions, said Dr. Ann-Marie Aumann.
vet horse owner assistant
Disease Du Jour: Referring the Colicky Horse
Dr. Jesse Tyma offers practical advice to veterinarians on handling colicky horses and their clients in this podcast.
horse skull sinuses showing
Disease Du Jour: Equine Sinuses
The equine sinuses can be affected by disease or injury quite frequently, according to Dr. Alison Gardner of The Ohio State University.
Strangles in horse nasal discharge
Disease Du Jour: Equine Strangles
Dr. Ashley Boyle of the University of Pennsylvania's New Bolton Center offers tips on managing equine strangles. Brought to you by Merck Animal Health
horse diarrhea on wall
Disease Du Jour: Equine Diarrhea
In this podcast episode we talk to Dr. Caroline McKinney about the "ins and outs" of equine diarrhea. Brought to you by Merck Animal Health
Disease Du Jour: Merck Animal Health/AVMA Veterinary Wellbeing Study
In this podcast episode, Drs. Joseph Hahn and Chrissie Schneider discuss critical information from this recent survey on veterinarian wellbeing.
foal newborn mare stall
Disease Du Jour: Rhodococcus equi Pneumonia in Foals
Dr. Macarena Sanz gives an overview of R. equi in foals with research-based prevention and treatment updates in this episode of the Disease Du Jour podcast.
foaling in stall mare licking newborn foal
Disease Du Jour: Foaling Tips and Guidelines
Veteran equine reproduction expert Dr. Tom Riddle walks us through some tips for foaling season.
Dr. Sally DeNotta AAEP
Disease Du Jour: 2021 AAEP Infectious Disease Committee Meeting Report
A year's worth of infectious disease information was covered at the AAEP Infectious Disease Committee meeting and highlighted in this podcast.
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