Cooper Williams, VMD, DACVSMR

ultrasound-guided needle insertion Dr. Cooper Williams
Butterfly Ultrasound Tips: Ultrasound-Guided Injections
No matter what is being treated, accurate placement with sonographic guidance will improve treatment outcomes.
Lateral Patellar Ligament Non Weightbearing
Butterfly Equine Ultrasound Tips: Non-Weightbearing or Flexed Ultrasonography  
Optimize sonographic evaluation with static non-weightbearing or flexed ultrasound imaging of the horse.
ultrasound horse PMCST
Butterfly Equine Ultrasound Tips: Dynamic Functional Ultrasound Imaging
"If it moves, it can and should be evaluated in motion," said Dr. Cooper Williams of viewing equine structures with ultrasound.
Butterfly Equine Ultrasound Tips: Angle Contrast "ACUST" Imaging
Learn how anisotropy and its properties can be harnessed as a very useful ultrasound tool.
vet inspecting horse leg
Butterfly Ultrasound Tips: Palmar Metacarpal Soft Tissues
This page is focused on ultrasound of the Palmar Metacarpal Soft Tissues, with information from Cooper Williams, VMD, DACVSMR, Certified ISELP instructor.

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