BONUS Disease Du Jour: EquiTrace Microchip App

In this bonus episode of the Disease Du Jour podcast, we talk about the EquiTrace Microchip App and have a webinar to provide more detail.


This bonus episode of Disease Du Jour is on the topic of the EquiTrace Microchip App that we mentioned last year in Episode 32 about Thermochips for Horses. We have had quite a few questions about that microchip app, so in today’s bonus podcast and webinar, we want to help veterinarians better understand how they can make the best use of the EquiTrace App.


Our guest today is Dr. Kevin Corley, a veterinarian who has PhD and is double boarded in internal medicine and critical care. Corley is a Director and Project Manager of EquiTrace Ltd., which produces technology solutions for horses. He also works as an independent specialist consultant in internal medicine and critical care in the main breeding and racing area of Ireland.

Corley graduated from Edinburgh University, and he completed an internship and PhD in London, a residency in Virginia, and was on faculty at the Royal Veterinary College in London for five years. He is a co-editor of the book, The Equine Hospital Manual.

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