Taking Care of Business

The AAEP Convention’s business sessions ensure that you’ll stay competitive in an uncertain economy.

No other organization brings veterinarians more continuing education opportunities than the American Association of Equine Practitioners. This year, professionals attending the 56th Annual AAEP Convention December 4-8 in Baltimore, Maryland, can take advantage of comprehensive, applicable business education programs geared towards marketing and profitability.

Want to develop more effective methods of managing your practice? With these sessions, you can learn how to create a client referral system, use Facebook to promote your practice, and much more—all with an eye to thriving rather than just surviving in the midst of a staggering economy. “The convention business sessions are very popular with our members,” says AAEP spokesperson Sally Baker. “The topics this year are especially focused on emerging-practice trends that can help veterinarians make smarter business decisions for their long-term financial success.”

Sessions take place each day of the convention. Regardless of your practice’s size or specialty, you will gain take-home strategies to boost the quality and efficiency of your practice team and build productive relationships with those you lead, work with and serve.

Session Schedule

Sunday Afternoon, December 5

Business “How to” Session Moderator: Mitchell K. Rode
Sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim, manufacturers of Vetera vaccines sold only to veterinarians

1:30 • How to Put More Money in the Bank–Nikki L. Quenette
2:00 • How to Fix “MIA” Charges–James E. Guenther
2:30 • How to Easily Monitor Your Finances Using the Moving Average–Mark Roozen
3:00 • How to Manage With Key Performance Indicators –James E. Guenther
3:30 • How to Start With Facebook and Twitter to Grow Your Practice–Diederik Gelderman
4:00 • How to Create a Referral System That Works–Diederik Gelderman
4:30 • How to Market your Practice for Free (or Almost Free)–Rob Blohowiak

Monday Morning, December 6

Business Education Moderator: James E. Guenther

Sponsored by Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health, bringing you Get Rotation Right Strategic Deworming
8:00 • “61 Minutes”: Current Business Trends–Robert P. Magnus and Mike Pownall
9:15 • Keynote Speaker: Marketing and Profitability–Bill Lowell
Evidence-Based Marketing to Identify and Leverage Profits
William E. Lowell (CMC) is an author, lecturer and internationally recognized expert in the fields of marketing and brand perception for the equine industry who has developed a day-long modular series in understanding and applying marketing principals to your practice and hospital. Lowell’s practical presentations represent more than 25 years as a business consultant and academician and bring to the table a wealth of experiences from large equine industry studies his firm has conducted. ��
Seminar attendees can look forward to:
* Learning specifically how to measure return on investments from your practice’s marketing and advertising dollars * Getting the tools to finally shift your focus to the asset side of the balance sheet * Uncovering new revenue streams and developing under-utilized services * Identifying when a service has become mature and when a client is about ready to leave * Developing the skills to keep score from a win-and-loss perspective * Locating the most cost-efficient way to reach a target audience * Learning to leverage internal resources (staff) to improve word-of-mouth marketing and significantly increase referrals * Developing evidence-based research strategies that can be applied to your practices the very next day

Monday Afternoon, December 6

Business Education Moderator: Mike Pownall

Sponsored by MWI Veterinary Supply and Pfizer Animal Health
1:30 • Keynote Speaker: Marketing and Profitability–Bill Lowell

Tuesday Morning, December 7

Business Education Moderator: Daniel P. Keenan

Sponsored by Butler Schein Animal Health, a Henry Schein Company, The Animal Health Solution
8:00 • Inventory Management for Success–James E. Guenther
9:00 • Through the Looking Glass: View Your Practice as an Outsider–Leslie A. Mamalis
10:00 • SOS: Jumpstart This Stagnant Practice–Denise L. Tumblin
11:00 • Uncovering the Linkage Between Managing People and Profitability–Joseph R. Manning

Tuesday Afternoon, December 7

Business Education Interactive “Workshop” Moderator: Robert P. Magnus

Sponsored by EquiManagement, Business Solutions for Equine Practitioners
1:30 • Profitability Workshop–VetPartners Group
Speakers: Jim Guenther, DVM, MBA, MHA, CVPM, AVA; Denise Tumblin, CPA; Nikki Quenette, CPA, CMA
In this session, you will learn how to calculate your true profit, identify areas of opportunity in your practice and receive an action plan for improving profit in your practice.

Wednesday Morning, December 8

Business Education

Sponsored by MWI Veterinary Supply and Pfizer Animal Health
8:00 • Managing Accounts Receivable–Elise M. Lacher
9:00 • Benchmarking: A Tool to Improve Profitability for All Equine Practices–Robert P. Magnus
10:00 • Social Networking as a Means to Improve Practice Profitability–Mike Pownall
11:00 • 21st Century Marketing and the Bottom Line–Mitchell K. Rode

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