EDCC January 2022 Equine Disease Summary

The Equine Disease Communication Center (EDCC) will provide a monthly summary of disease reports starting in January 2022.

States and provinces with confirmed equine diseases in January 2022 are shown on this map. (Note that arrows are for state not exact disease report location and that some states had more than one disease reported.) Getty Images

The Equine Disease Communication Center posted 28 reports on 47 horses in 11 states and Quebec, Canada. Those confirmed disease reports included 1 case of rabies in Oklahoma and 7 cases of neurologic equine herpesvirus (also known as equine herpesvirus myeloencephalopathy or EHM). Those 7 cases were reported in California (4 cases on 2 premises), Canada (Quebec, 1 case), Texas (1) and Wyoming (1).

There were also 13 cases of equine infectious anemia (EIA). Those cases were confirmed in Arizona (1 case), California (7 cases on one location) and Texas (5 cases in three locations).

Equine strangles was reported in seven states as follows:

  • California—1 case
  • Florida—5 cases on 4 premises
  • Indiana—1 case
  • Michigan—2 cases on 2 premises
  • Ohio—3 cases on 2 premises
  • Washington—1 case
  • Wisconsin—9 cases on one premises

Other diseases reported by EDCC in January 2022 include:

  • Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE)—1 case in Florida
  • Respiratory equine herpesvirus—1 in Wisconsin
  • Equine influenza—1 case in Wisconsin
  • West Nile virus—1 case in Florida

EDCC began reporting confirmed equine diseases in April 2015. Since that time, 2,405 alerts have been posted with 5,067 diseases.

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