Mexican Equine Virtual Veterinary Congress Starts January 13
Don't miss this opportunity to attend this three-day virtual educational seminar.

The Mexican Association of Veterinary Physicians Specialists in Equines (AMMVEE) is holding its annual Congress January 13-15, 2021. undefined

The Mexican Association of Veterinary Physicians Specialists in Equines (AMMVEE) is holding its annual Congress January 13-15, 2021. There are many great topics and speakers during this three-day Congress.

Speakers on January 13 include: 

  • Dr. Dereck Knottenbelt—Animal Welfare
  • Dr. Sue Dyson—Understanding the horse-rider-tack interrelationship
  • Dr. Steve Reed—Differentiating between ataxia, lameness or a combination
  • Dr. Dirk Vanderwall—Using oxytocin to suppress estrus
  • Dr. Sue McDonnell—Starting a novice breeding stallion; Understanding and managing aggression in breeding stallions

Speakers on January 14 include:

Dr. Frank Andrews—Ultrasound evaluation of horse with acute colic; Update on gastric ulcers; Parameters for colic referral

  • Dr. Claude Ragle—Transrectal palpation; Diagnosis and management of rectal tears
  • Dr. David Freeman—Small intestine resection; Surgical disease of the small colon; Cecal surgery
  • Dr. Sharon Norton—Joints in foals
  • Dr. Tania Cubitt—Gut health and the microbiome; reading a feed label; feeding the performance horse; 
  • Dr. Knottenbelt—Disease and injury of adnexal structures; Ocular and periocular neoplasia; Uveitis
  • Dr. Ann Dwyer—Anatomy and physiology equine eye; Equine eye exam and stallside testing; Equine corneal ulcers

Speakers on January 15 include:

  • Dr. Reed—Evaluation of neurologic disease; EPM; Equine degenerative myeloencephalopathy; Cervical vertebral malformation
  • Dr. Ragle—Imaging the equine head
  • Dr. Nathan Slovis—Prevention and outbreak management foal diarrhea; R. equi; Biosecurity of horse farms
  • Dr. Michael Schramme—Mistakes that can be made reviewing diagnostic analgesia during lameness exam; Navicular syndrome; Local anesthetics

There is a commercial Expo that accompanies the Congress.

Download a PDF of the AMMVEE Program here.

Visit the 2021 Congress website here.

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