Disease Du Jour: Equine Bandaging Tips Podcast and Webinar
Episode 59 wraps up the "Triple Crown" of equine emergency care, following Emergency Medicine and Suturing with Equine Bandaging Tips.
Episode 59 of the Disease Du Jour offers a bonus webinar to go along with the podcast. Courtesy Dr. Alison Gardner

In Episode 59 of Disease Du Jour, we finish the “Triple Crown” of equine emergency care podcasts—Emergency Medicine, Suturing Tips, and this episode on Bandaging Tips. Alison Gardner, DVM, MS, DACVS, DACVECC-LA, was our guest for equine suturing tips and bandaging. She is an assistant professor of Clinical Equine Surgery, Department of Veterinary Clinical Science, The Ohio State University.

And as a bonus for this Bandaging Tips podcast, Gardner offers a webinar to give visuals to go with the podcast.


EquiManagement’s Disease Du Jour podcast is focused on equine research and current best practices. Disease Du Jour is brought to you in 2021 by Merck Animal Health.

Gardner discussed her strategies and justifications on bandaging and the wound healing timeline, and has great visuals with the webinar.

Gardner said, “What I’ll tell students when I’m teaching them how to bandage is when you thump your finger against the side it should sound like a watermelon.

“And for the mixed animal practitioners out there, I think that’s a major difference between small animal bandaging and large animal bandaging because large animals just don’t have the soft tissue that small animals do on their distal limbs. There’s much less of a worry of cutting off blood supply to the distal limb. And so we generally make our bandages far tighter than what small animal wounds require.”

Reference the ACVS Symposium here.


Disease Du Jour is brought to you in 2021 by Merck Animal Health.

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