Woman shows the trot of the horse to a veterinary specialist during a consultation on a ranch
Prevalence and Clinical Significance of Increasing Head Height Asymmetry as a Measure of Forelimb Lameness in Horses When Trotting in a Straight Line After Palmar Digital Nerve Block
A retrospective case series aimed to estimate the prevalence of increasing head height asymmetry after a PDN block and determine if this is associated with cause of forelimb lameness.
Walking horse for veterinarian.
Endurance horse portrait
Risk Factors for Lameness Elimination in British Endurance Riding
This retrospective cohort study from BEVA aimed to determine current risk factors associated with lameness eliminations in British endurance riding.
Trotting along..
Acetominophen for Lameness
Oral acetominophen may be an alternative to NSAIDs or intra-articular joint injections for horses with mechanical lameness.

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