Author: Equine Veterinary Journal
mare and her foal
Evaluation of GCT and Colostrum BRIX Refractometer Compared with SNAP Foal IgG Test in Neonatal Foals
Horse racing
Outcome and Racing Performance Following Standing Fracture Repair in 245 Horses
Close up veterinarians give injections to the horse's feet before the race
Effect of IA Triamcinolone Cetonide Injection on Insulin and Glucose Concentrations in Horses
grumpy horse head
Comparison of Oral Esomeprazole and Oral Omeprazole for Treating ESGD
Beautiful Icelandic horse shaking his head and the mane flutters in the air
Scoring Disease Severity in Horses with Trigeminal-Mediated Headshaking
grumpy angry horse ears back
Abnormal Mare Behavior is Rarely Associated with Changes in Hormonal Markers of Granulosa Cell Tumors 
Premature Depolarizations in Horses Competing in USEA and FEI-Sanctioned Three-Day Events
honey comb iStock- stock Kovaleva_Ka 950714446
The Effect of Medical-Grade Honey on Suture Material Used in Equine Surgery
Race horse on the grass track
Racing Performance of Juvenile Thoroughbreds with Femoropatellar Osteochondrosis (OCD)
foal newborn mare stall
Recumbency Decreases Mare and Foal Survival Following In-Hospital Dystocia Management
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Michigan Quarter Horse Positive for Strangles

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