Stacey Oke, DVM, MSc
Pregnant Mare
Emergency Hormones for Embryo Transfer Recipient Mares  
Veterinarian Woman Drawing Fluid from a Vial to Administer Medication to a Rescue Horse using a Syringe at an Animal Hospital
Interpreting Antimicrobial Sensitivity: More Than Sensitivity/Resistance 
portrait of horse
Techniques for Taking Good Neck Radiographs in Horses 
blood draw on a horse
Tips for Diagnosing EPM in Horses 
A week old dark brown foal stands outside in the sun with her mother. mare with red halter. Warmblood, KWPN dressage horse
Historical Perspectives in Equine Reproduction: Pioneers in the Age of Discovery
Bacteria Can Help Treat Periorbital Sarcoids in Horses 
Close up shot of horse having its hoof wrapped in an elastic aged bandage to keep it clean and help it heal after it has been injured
What to Do When a Sole Abscess Ruptures but the Horse Is Still Lame  
Mare and newborn horse
How To Synchronize Recipient Mares on the Farm  
Horse racing
Monitoring Racehorse Injuries With PET: Peak Training Best Time 
How To Easily Perform Sterile Ultrasound-Guided Injections 
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Horse with colic lay down and sleep outside
Strangulating Lipomas
Tablets Pills Horse
Using the Right Meds to Manage Chronic Pain in Horses
Madigan Foal Squeeze Technique
Madigan Foal Squeeze Procedure for Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome promo image
Madigan Foal Squeeze Procedure for Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome

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