Hiring Associates: Practice Owners Speak Out

Author’s Note: The referenced survey was created by the author to expand the profession’s knowledge of this topic. All of the veterinarians quoted in this article gave their permission to have their ideas included in this article.   Earlier this year, a short survey was posted on the AAEP Business Education community listserv to investigate how practice owners felt about their recent hiring experiences. Responses were collected from just 35 veterinarians, but their insights provide a window into the process of bringing on an associate. Because job openings have been few in the last year or so, it was not a surprise that 46% of respondents had last hired an associate more than 12 months ago. 26% had hired an associate in the previous six months, and 29% had hired one 6-12 months ago. The methods used by the respondents to attract applicants included website ads on sites such as AAEP, ACVIM and ACVS; ads in print journals such as JAVMA; current or previous intern contacts; and word of mouth. One respondent utilized an employment office at a nearby veterinary school, and several utilized social media. Soliciting Applications Respondents were asked to... Continue Reading

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