Nancy S. Loving, DVM
Veterinarian examination of the horse
Outcome of Intravenous Catheter Guidewire Loss in Horses  
Fecal Transplant for Treating Diarrhea in Adult Horses 
Brown stallion horse jumping
Bad Behavior and Possible Neck Pain in Mares 
Horse Hoof - Hooves
Horse Hoof Changes Over an 8-Week Growth Period  
Farrier at the hoof care on the horse
AAEP Health Coverage: Barefoot Methodology
Picture of a sad pet ass
An Update on the Global Donkey Skin Trade 
Horse Jumping, Equestrian Sports, Show Jumping themed photo
AAEP Health Coverage: Prevalence of Lameness in FEI Horses and Its Correlation to Performance  
Animal doctor
Indications for Implant Removal in Horses Following Fracture Repair 
Horse laying down
Association Between NSAID Use and Right Dorsal Colitis in Horses 
AAEP Health Coverage: Pneumatic Compression Therapy Device for Horses 
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3 Wisconsin Horses Positive for EHV
Horse with colic lay down and sleep outside
Strangulating Lipomas
Madigan Foal Squeeze Procedure for Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome promo image
Madigan Foal Squeeze Procedure for Neonatal Maladjustment Syndrome
White line disease on horse hoof
White Line Disease in Horses

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